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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Richmond Street Public School,

I am so proud to be along on your educational journey! It is fascinating to witness and to be a part of the development of our students as they attain milestones in their lives that shape and mold their character in becoming caring and responsible citizens.

I am extremely excited to begin my role as a new Principal at Richmond Street Public School. Previously, I have been Principal at DeWitt Carter Public School, Crowland Central Public School and Vice Principal at Connaught Public School. I have already enjoyed many wonderful things at the school and have met many caring parents, volunteers and community partners!

Richmond Street Public School is located in the community of Thorold in the Region of Niagara. It has approximately 500 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. We have 4 sections of Kindergarten and 16 homerooms of grades 1-8. We also are very close to our local high School, Thorold Secondary High School, which allows us great opportunities for co-planning to ensure a smooth transition of our grade 8 graduates to grade 9.

Fortunately, the students at Richmond Street have been nurtured and instructed by an outstanding staff. Working for the same goals has helped our school to come together and it is felt as you walk in the building. There are smiles and laughter heard as children, parents and teachers go through this learning process together. It is truly an honour to be surrounded by these caring professionals who sacrifice a lot of their own free time and energy to make the students’ career at Richmond Street memorable. From sports, to clubs, to plays, to special events, the staff are forever doing what is “best for kids.”

The teachers would not feel as accomplished, however, without having experienced the transformation that occurs when students make the transition into high school. You, the students, are all so special and integral to the shaping of our future in this country. As technology becomes more important and education (as we know it) changes, society will look to you as leaders to make a difference. I am confident you will succeed. It is up to you, your families, the community  and the Richmond Street staff to help you reach your potential.

Wherever life takes you in the future, please remember some famous thoughts of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Live well,
Learn plenty,
Laugh often,
Love much."

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the office! I would be more than happy to spend time with you!


Mr. J. MacJanet - Principal and Family

Richmond Street Public School