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Kindergarten Open House


  • School Day -
    8:35 am - 3:00 pm

Important Dates

November 2017

November 30 - Recognition Assemblies; Spirit Day

December 2017

December 1- Hotdog Day to support grade 8's

Dec. 4- 6:30pm Grad Meeting in library

Dec. 5, 12, 19 Pizza

Dec. 7, 14 Subs

Dec. 21 Swiss Chalet special lunch

Dec. 5 MTC Life assemblies

Dec. 6 Poinsettia pick up in the gym

Dec. 8 11:00 DSBN Academy Road Show

Dec. 8 afternoon Joy Day

Dec. 11- Bus Safety Presentations

Dec. 13 Little Mermaid

Dec. 14- 6:30- 8:00 pm Festival of Lights and "Sparkle" Art display

Dec. 15- Grades 7&8 to TSS

Dec. 21- 9:00 Community Carol Assembly

Dec. 22- 8:45 am Jr/Int Recognition Assembly

Dec. 22- 9:30 am Pri Recognition Assembly

December 23- January 7 Holiday Break

Happy New Year 2018! See you on January 8, 2018!



Welcome to Richmond Street Public School!



Samuel Beckett once wrote the above statement. At DSBN and at Richmond Street Public School, we believe that life is a process. We feel privileged to be a part of society's next leaders. In order for this to occur, we need to embrace taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from all experiences. We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Richmond Street Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students.

We welcome your input and questions.

Let's have a great year ---TOGETHER!!!!

Jay MacJanet



November Recognition Students


Raptor Mission Statement:

The staff and community at Richmond Street Public School are committed to student success by working together to inspire, empower, and support all learners to achieve their full potential.

Raptor Vision:

Achieving Success Together!


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